Windows XP on Intel Macs?

win on mac

Well, apparently someone has finally done it. One brave soul has claimed to be able to install and boot Windows XP on an Intel Mac, and he’s sent his solution in for verification and reproduction to the folks over at [ ] who are hosting the “Boot Windows on an Intel Core Duo Mac and Make Money” contest. Right now the pot us just shy of $13,000 US, and this looks legit so far.

If this is the real thing, think of the implications-being able to dual boot Windows and Mac OS X on the same machine; it could mean having the best of both worlds when it comes to gaming, security, applications, and more! But then again, there is still the lingering question: Why bother? Aside from the stack of money to be had, a lot of people still don’t get why one would ever want to be able to boot Windows on a Mac, and they’re right to wonder. Would you boot windows on a Mac if you could have them both, or is it just too much trouble for the best of both worlds? Let us know in the comments, if you like!

Engadget has the breaking story and the video of the format, install, and boot process. Check it out!

[ Engadget :: XP on Mac Intel: The Movie ]

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