Sony PS3 Worldwide Release Pushed Back to November 2006

So according to Sony, the PlayStation3 has been pushed back again (we knew this ahead of time, but thanks Sony, for ponying up an official statement) and is now slated for worldwide release in early November 2006, just in time for the holidays. They claim that they’ll be releasing in Japan, Europe, and North America all at the same time, but time will tell how that will work out, what with the whole Blu-Ray being pushed back itself and everything, but we’ll just have to see how it works out.

Sony made the announcement on the 15th of March, and explained that their Blu-Ray high-def, high-density DVD content will be included with the PS3, but conspicuously absent from the announcement was a definitive price for the PS3 at launch. Some sites have scrubbed up their own ideas, and one says that the announcement stated that the absolute minimum the system will sell for is 50,000 Yen (roughly $425 US) with bundles and such costing more, obviously.

There’s plenty more information in the article over at JoyStiq [ ] and it’s been continually updated with information from the conference as it comes out. Still even with the impressive information from Sony on this one, their market position doesn’t look too good, aside from the fact that they’re positioning themselves to take advantage of the hot holiday market; but that’ll only be good if they manage to bring enough consoles to market to meet demand this holiday season, and if they’re competitively priced; not to mention making sure the launch date doesn’t get pushed back again.

[ Joystiq :: PS3 worldwide in November ]

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