Google Calendar Screenshots Leaked

google calendar

TechCrunch [ ], one of our favorite technology blogs, has managed to get a hold of some awesome screenshots from Google’s CL2 project, which is widely accepted to be Google’s calendaring application that they’re working on behind the scenes, and that is pretty hotly anticipated. The calendar is presumed to be Ajax-based, making it highly customizable and with any luck, a formidable opponent for the Yahoo! Calendar that many users love very very much, and the Hotmail Calendar that some people also use, albeit without quite as many accolades.

The calendar definitely looks beautiful, and has all of the look and feel that we’ve come to expect from Google; and it looks about as clean and crisp as GMail does. TechCrunch has a ton of screenshots from what we can presume will be the look and feel of the application; although we can’t not expect the design and layout to change at least a bit before the service is officially launched. Let’s take a look at some more screenshots, shall we?

[ TechCrunch :: Exclusive Screenshots – Google Calendar ]

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