iPhone Wedding Cake

iPhone wedding cake
(photo courtesy of Mashable)

When I get married, I can’t say I’d want a cake like this one, but I’m geeky enough to appreciate it if it showed up at the reception!

Who made it? The geniuses at Charm City Cakes just north of me in Baltimore, of course, the same folks who are the stars of the Food Network series, Ace of Cakes! The crew there is famous for making cakes in the shape of just about everything, from a scale model of Serenity from the show Firefly to Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter to punk rock cakes with zombies on them and whatnot – they’re killer cake designers. Can you tell I’m a fan of the show?

In any event, (and I hope I see it on the show at some point) the folks there were commissioned to design and bake an iPhone cake for Jerry Brito‚Äôs wedding last May, and here you see the glorious results. Of course the cake has amazing detail, and the apps on the home screen reflect parts of the newly wedded couple’s life together, from their proximity to Washington DC to their mutual love of rioja wines and cupcakes!

[ Mashable :: iPhone Wedding Cake is Nerdy Goodness ]

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