Lifehacker :: WEP Cracking Redux: Beyond the Command Line

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(image courtesy of Lifehacker!)

The fine folks at Lifehacker posted an interesting feature a few days ago on how to crack wireless networks – the previous tutorial focused on some particular apps and a lot of command-line fu, but this time around a few easy to obtain apps and a computer that”s portable enough to take with you to the network you want to crack and you may be able to find your way onto any wireless network you choose – provided there’s enough traffic on it to crack its WEP key.

In this article, they cover my favorite, KisMAC, a fantastic utility for Mac OS that does exactly what you want it to do with so little fuss you could give it to an inexperienced user to figure out – but if you do understand what’s going on under the hood, it’s even more powerful.

[ Lifehacker :: WEP Cracking Redux: Beyond the Command Line ]

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