10 Ways to Trick Out Your Mac


If you’re a Mac user, then you’re already addicted to customization and configuration, making your computer really and truly your own, from the icons you click to launch your programs to the color and design of the windows with which you watch your movies or do your work. We’re all about configuring and tweaking, skinning and modifying, tweaking up and tricking out our systems, trust me, I’m one of you.

So while top-10 lists are kind of a drag and are getting more and more common in the blogging world, it’s the end of the year, and lists are all the rage. This top-10 list of ways to trick our your Mac is a collection of a few good tips and nothing specifically new, but I was particularly drawn to the repositories of icons and menubar items that I hadn’t seen before. Also, for those who haven’t seen them before, there are some other excellent tips, like the Pimp My Safari set of tools for the essential Safari user, and CenterStage, a free and open-source FrontRow alternative. There’s even an Office replacement called NeoOffice (shown above) whose design fits in a little better with the OS X UI than other productivity suites.

[ Apple Gazette :: 10 Ways to Trick Out Your Mac ]

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